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Learn practical mentoring skills that allow you to help your mentee to step up and shine!

  • Do you want your mentee to make real progress in their career?

  • Do you want to have an impactful mentor-mentee relationship?

  • Do you want to learn the key strategies, tips and techniques that make mentoring work?

To make an impact on your mentee’s professional and personal goals,

you need to share your experience, wisdom and knowledge in a positive way.

And in this program, I teach you how to do this.

8 Skills-Packed modules in Mentoring Made Easy online program

In just 6 weeks or less, divided into 4 hours of content and 4 hours of practice, be clear on the top 3 elements that make mentoring work.

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Included in the course:

  • 8 learning modules
  • 35 instructive video lessons – each with specific action steps for you to follow
  • Reflection activity sheets as part of each lesson
  • Video demonstrations of mentoring conversations with mentees
  • I will be your mentor coach throughout the program giving you guidance along the way as you complete your 8 modules
  • A LIVE 60-minute group webinar session with me
  • Access to Coaching and Mentoring Masterclasses 

In just 6 weeks or less, divided into 4 hours of content and 4 hours of practice, be clear on the top 3 elements that make mentoring work.


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Learn practical mentoring skills

This self-paced online program teaches mentors:
  • how to structure the conversation with your mentee
  • how to tap into your mentee's strengths
  • how to build your mentee's confidence so they reach their full potential
  • how to help your mentee meet their professional and personal goals

By the end of the program you will have mastered:

The structure and model

how to mentor and navigate the conversation

The mentoring way of being

how you show up for the conversation

The 5 great

conversational skills

Knowing when to mentor

and when to coach

The difference between

problem talk and solution talk

The listening model

how to 'really' listen 

The mentoring approach demonstrated in this program is a 

coaching way of mentoring


In this program, I am going to show a different approach which is more of a coaching way of mentoring.

This means finding out what the mentee already knows first before giving your advice.

So, by the end, you will be more flexible in the conversation deciding whether to mentor or coach.

Meet your facilitator Annette Gray

After 30 years of facilitating adult learning and over 23 years of coaching and mentoring, I know what works to lead with a positive impact.

The value of great leadership really became apparent to me when I worked for someone who I realised was the best role model of how to lead. By asking for and respecting input, by collaborating rather than directing, and by supporting not controlling, my strengths were acknowledged, nurtured and enhanced. I felt stretched, positively challenged and fulfilled – and I performed at my best.

Discovering the concept of ‘solution focus’ 12 years ago has had a strong influence on how I view the world, how I coach people and how I train people to be coach-like.

The essence is that for people to change, it’s not about understanding the problem they present with, it’s about finding out when the problem happens less, what it is they want instead of the problem, and what previous success they can draw on to deal with the problem. Talking about solutions helps to create solutions.

My passion is to continue to create great leaders and mentors, who really know how to do their role well, which in turn will create thriving workplaces. I believe we’re in a time of real transition – with the impact of creating diverse and inclusive workplaces where people feel psychologically safe – we need a different style of leadership for the future.

Progressive companies are realising that, to retain employees, they need to upskill their leaders and mentors. Now is the time to take the opportunity to do ‘work’ differently and to be open and respectful.

Some of my clients come from


When mentoring is done well

When mentoring is done well you help your mentees shine.
And that's the whole purpose of mentoring, helping mentees reach their professional and personal goals.

When mentoring is not done well

  • Incredibly demotivating for the mentee
  • Mentee becomes disengaged
  • Mentor might think they are mentoring well without realising how much of a time waste it is for all involved
Effective mentoring skills can be learnt.

This program teaches you how to mentor in an effective way. 
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