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Coaching and Mentoring skills to

take your
leadership into
the future

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Coaching and
Mentoring skills to

take your
into the

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You know that engaged and appreciated people are proactive and productive. But in our complex world, making that happen is easier said than done.

I support leaders and mentors just like you, with practical coaching and mentoring skills that allow your people to step up and shine.

Step into the future of leadership. Build a culture of responsibility that supports well-being and creates growth.

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EMPOWER your people to be confident. From everyday decisions to navigating complex change.

Improve communication skills to create ENGAGED people and teams.

Create lasting change and GROWTH
through simple conversations.

Simple conversations, powerful results — fast.

I'm Annette Gray. How Can I Help You?

With over 30 years experience in designing and facilitating leadership programs, I understand people. This is why I design my programs with you in mind.
You will get easy to apply tools you can use the very next day to:

  • Develop confident, proactive and productive people
  • Have flexibility to navigate complex change
  • Create a more human workplace with a culture of supporting everyone's well-being
  • Retain your best people

Bring real results and lasting change - no matter what the scenario.

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What Do I Offer?

Coaching and mentoring programs for leadership development in leaders, managers, mentors, human resource, and safety professionals

For Individuals

You're a leader with vision, and you want to make a difference.

Gain the skills you need to become an even better leader with my one-to-one coaching program.

Improve performance, support career transitions, increase employee well-being and do it all with simple conversations.

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For Leaders & Mentors

Lead people to success through better conversations.

My highly practical leadership programs for leaders and mentors are designed for you to quickly engage, connect and inspire.

Build the coaching skills you need to make a difference to the people you work with and create a positive impact for your organisation.

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My programs give you new ways to create and build a culture of confident people and an environment of well being. 

I work with you and your organisation to design a comprehensive approach using coaching and mentoring skills.

Together we build success into your strategy.

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Client Recommendations

If you want to improve leadership capability and for leaders to coach and develop their teams Annette excels at this. I am very happy to align with consultants like Annette.

Greg Parfitt
CEO Orange Hire

Thank you so much for running the most practical coaching training I have attended in about 20 years! We are definitely going to adopt the approach more broadly here and I will be encouraging executive to support more staff to undergo the training as it is super valuable. Thanks again for providing a terrific course.

Bec Thompson
Manager Well-being, Lifetime Support Authority of South Australia

Annette is a great coach and facilitator who is able to translate coaching theory into real life contexts. She has helped me personally to grow confidence and improve my own coaching style which in turns helps others develop.

Penny Joseph
Head of Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation
Sydney Water

Annette was a wonderful facilitator at our Leader as Coach workshop. We have developed the skills to conduct conversations to influence, guide and empower our teams. The Cricket ACT team all spoke glowingly about the couple of days with you. Thank you so much for your expertise, warmth and coaching!

James Allsopp
CEO Cricket ACT

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Coaching and Mentoring skills to take your leadership into the future.

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