Are you in a transition at the moment? 🧐

Jul 08, 2024

This has been the theme of my leadership coaching over recent times.

I often notice this trend happening in my coaching, if I am grappling with a topic in my personal life or professional life it emerges as a topic with one of my clients.

This time it has been all about transitions. Five people raised this topic! People are re-assessing what they want and looking for something new, different or bigger!

That is me too! Since arriving back from Antarctica in November 2023, I have been unsettled not sure what I want now for my work, but I have this feeling there is something bigger waiting for me.

So, like the good leadership coach I am I have to do the work that my clients are doing! Reflect, reassess, remember what you did last time you transitioned and what worked, what would bigger look like and what difference would that make?

Don't rush it! sit in the uncomfortable. Plus, I also got a coach to help be that sounding board and ask the really good questions that I would not normally ask myself but ask others!

And this is the poem I have been recommending to others as they talk about their transition and how scary it is not knowing what will emerge!

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It's too high.
And they came,
And he pushed,
And they flew.
By Christopher Logue

How might you reflect? Is there something bigger waiting for you?

Credit and thank you Diane Henning for giving me this poem a few years ago. I refer to it so often! I snapped the photo in Antarctica and just loved how this Chinstrap penguin had a skip in her step.

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