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What are the key elements that make mentoring work? mentoring mentoring made easy Oct 03, 2023

In the coaching world, it is well known that there are three elements that make it work. I think these same elements work well for having effective mentoring conversations. So, what are they:

1 How...

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Have you ever learnt to be a mentor? coaching approach mentoring mentoring made easy Sep 25, 2023

If the answer is no then you are like most people who have either been assigned to be a mentor in a formal mentoring program. Or someone has asked you to be their mentor informally.

Either way you...

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What is the difference between problem talk and solution talk? mentoring mentoring made easy solution focus Sep 21, 2023

One of the key approaches of how to have better conversations whether in mentoring or coaching is solution focus.

I came across solution focus approach 12 years ago introduced to me by Mark...

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Why is it important to help your mentee have clarity on where they are heading? mentoring mentoring made easy solution focus Sep 11, 2023

Over the many years I have trained leaders and mentors to be more "coach like" in their conversations I have noticed one stand out pattern. The pattern is that many mentors want to get into the...

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