How can being connected to a community lift your wellbeing?

wellbeing Apr 28, 2022
community strength wellbeing

In just the first few months of this year, we have experienced more global heartbreak and confusion both overseas and here in our own country. But over the last few weeks, I have been reminded many times about how being connected to some sort of community group can be uplifting to our wellbeing in these challenging times.

Here are just a few:

  1. Watching complete strangers going and helping to clean up the aftermath of the devastating floods that have impacted Brisbane, Queensland and Northern Rivers, NSW in Australia. Desperate to go and help but unable to, I instead donated 15 packets of cloth wipes to be sent from our local community, 20 books to be sent to Lismore Library to help them restock, as well as donating money to Red Cross.
  2. I am in a group of Solution Focused (SF) practitioners around the world where we regularly share our practice via an email list. Just this week Victoria Spashchenko from Kyiv, Ukraine, shared how she never posts on the email list but how connected she feels to this community in spite of not posting. She went on to say how she has been practising over the last two years in a light way and what impact it has had on many groups across Ukraine. In the midst of war, she had the courage to reach out and let us know how supported she felt by us.

  3. Still with Solution Focus, I connect with 4 amazing SF practitioners, Dorota Parys, Eva, Petra Demery and Irene Bush monthly (sharing practice) from Switzerland and Romania and they shared their stories of the impact of seeing so many Ukraine refugees coming into Poland and Romania and how they are assisting them with food, housing, work etc. What wonderful support they are providing!

  4. And just today, I got up early to be part of Wisdom 2.0 - Ukraine The Future of the World meditation and talk with Jon Kabat-Zinn. 700 people from all around the world meditating together and talking about the small things we can do that can have such a big ripple effect. Like nurturing our own backyard - through care, support and love to the people closest to us. And a gentle reminder that the people of a country are not representative of their leader. Very powerful with real human stories of courage and hope.  

  5. Lastly, my CanToo Ocean swimming community is always uplifting to me. It brings together such different people from all walks of life with one thing in common - the love of swimming in the ocean.

What all these examples give is the sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. This creates a sense of connectedness and humanity. And this is what the world needs now.

Community and connectedness is a crucial element of the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey, a holistic tool that helps leaders understand their own wellbeing so they can support the wellbeing of their team. I use this tool in Leadership Coaching sessions. I do intend on sharing more tips and insights for leaders and their wellbeing all through this year. But I wanted to take a moment to share the above with you, and to remind you that being connected to our community is vital in these challenging times.

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