Do you want to be the leader
you wish you had?

  • Do you want to transform your leadership?

  • Do you want to collaborate with other progressive and motivated leaders to solve current and real leadership challenges?

  • Do you want to increase your self awareness and truly lead by example?

Then this Leadership Mastermind is perfect for you.

Leadership can be a lonely role, but it doesn't have to be.

The way we lead is in transition across the world. Creating workplaces that are respectful, inclusive and thriving takes new skills.

Add onto this the pressure to make organisations sustainable has left most leaders in a quandary to where to begin.

Our Leadership Mastermind will be a transformative experience held over 6 months, providing a supportive community, diverse perspectives, skill development, and personal growth opportunities for all participants.

The Leadership Mastermind is a group coaching experience delivered as a 6 month intensive.

Ideal for experienced leaders and managers who want to do a deep dive into their own leadership effectiveness and transform the way they lead so they have a positive impact on themselves, their teams, and the greater organisation to create lasting change.
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Important Pre-requisite

Please note a pre-requisite for the Leadership Mastermind is having completed my Leader as Coach Program either at your workplace or the online program.

How the Mastermind works

Each Leadership Mastermind has a maximum of 10 participants so the learning can be individualised and focused.
This could be 10 leaders from different organisations or 10 leaders within the same organisation.
You will choose your preferred learning stream: 


• Complete a Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey

• Receive an individual 90 minute debrief and decide on a project to work on about improving your wellbeing

• Attend six Group Coaching sessions held online once a month over six months for 2 hours per session

• Have online support from other participants and Annette between sessions

• Present your project success at the final session.


• Complete the Life Style Inventory 360 degree feedback tool

• Receive an individual 90 minute debrief and decide on a project to work on around your collaborative leadership

• Attend six Group Coaching sessions held online once a month over six months for 2 hours per session

• Have online support to other participants and Annette in between sessions

• Present your project success at the final session.

The benefits of being in a Mastermind

  • Support to be even more effective leader
  • Insights into how other leaders tackle similar challenges
  • New tool kit to lead in a more constructive way
  • Make progress on your own wellbeing and leading it in your organisation
  • Creating a more inclusive and respectful culture

Meet your facilitator Annette Gray

30 years of experience as a coach, facilitator, leader and mentor

After 30 years of facilitating adult learning and over 23 years of coaching and mentoring, I know what works to lead with a positive impact.

The value of great leadership really became apparent to me when I worked for someone who I realised was the best role model of how to lead. By asking for and respecting input, by collaborating rather than directing, and by supporting not controlling, my strengths were acknowledged, nurtured and enhanced. I felt stretched, positively challenged and fulfilled – and I performed at my best.

Discovering the concept of ‘solution focus’ 12 years ago has had a strong influence on how I view the world, how I coach people and how I train people to be coach-like.

The essence is that for people to change, it’s not about understanding the problem they present with, it’s about finding out when the problem happens less, what it is they want instead of the problem, and what previous success they can draw on to deal with the problem. Talking about solutions helps to create solutions.

My passion is to continue to create great leaders and mentors, who really know how to do their role well, which in turn will create thriving workplaces. I believe we’re in a time of real transition – working from home is a gamechanger – and we need a different style of leadership for the future.

Progressive companies are realising that, to retain employees, they need to upskill their leaders and mentors. Now is the time to take the opportunity to do ‘work’ differently and to be open and respectful.

I have trained over 8000+ leaders and mentors to be more coach like.

Join me for the launch of the Leadership Mastermind and transform your leadership.

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Learn effective Coaching and Mentoring skills to take your leadership into the future.


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