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Leading people to success through better

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Leadership Programs

Leading people
to success
through better

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Better conversations, outstanding results.


Whether you're a leader or a mentor, better conversations
are key to bring out the best in people and help them shine.

My Solution Focus coaching programs allow you to quickly engage,
connect, inspire and make a difference in the people you work with.

For Leaders
For Mentors

Solution-Focus Leader as Coach

For Leaders, managers, human resource and safety professionals who want to
increase performance, support well-being and create lasting change.

During this 2-day workshop or 4 modules online, leaders and professionals are guided through real work scenarios using accessible coaching skills to help them lead dynamic teams, now and into the future.

This highly practical program includes ‘Coaching as a way of being’ to support respectful, inclusive teamwork and improve organisational culture.

My transparent and highly practical process allows leaders and professionals to practice their new skills while being coached, and have the confidence to begin coaching the very next day.

After workshop support is a key part of the program to ensure your success. This includes:

  • Check-in sessions to provide ongoing support to help learning stick
  • Coaching circles to work with other participants to share learnings and practice new skills
  • Review session to determine the impact of the program

Using Solution-Focus Coaching Skills Enables Leaders, Managers & Professionals To

  • Have conversations that help support progress
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Be able to consciously practice inclusion, encouraging innovation, skill diversity and creativity.
  • Foster a psychologically safe environment for everyone to be confident and proactive
  • Create a commitment and personal action plan to take coaching forward

Allowing Your Organisation To

  • Increase diversity
  • Develop confident, proactive and productive people
  • Have flexibility to navigate complex change
  • Create a more human workplace with a culture of supporting everyone's well-being
  • Retain your best people
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If you are an individual who would like to learn the skills as a Leader as Coach but your organisation isnโ€™t ready to host a workshop, we periodically run online programs and dates will be announced soon. Please join our mailing list for more information.ย 

Client Recommendations

This course was amazing for me, I am only new to the role of managing people so this was great to gain some clarity on the best approach for coaching. I have become a lot more self-aware and have realised I need to make a few changes first.
Annette you are a gun!

Luke Watts
Workshop Supervisor, Orange Hire

Thank you so much for such an engaging and insightful learning experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual class and was well worth losing some hours of sleep over. I have also learnt some tips on making virtual presentations more engaging and fun. Thank you!

Fortune Kienabere
Safety Leadership Advisor,
Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria

Coaching Approach to Mentoring

Mentoring is a way to support your people to advance their careers, deal with the pace of change and be proficient in their roles. Using a coaching approach to mentoring gives your mentors the ability to create an even bigger impact.

For organisations planning to introduce mentors, I help design, implement and manage your mentoring program to suit your organisations needs, from start to finish.

If you already have a mentor program in place, supercharge the impact with the Coaching Approach to Mentoring. I customise the program to give your mentors a range of skills to use in their mentoring relationships. Mentors taking this program are able to tap into their mentees strengths, building confidence for the mentee to reach their full potential and meet their professional goals.

The Coaching Approach to Mentoring Program allows your organisation to:

  • Have the ability to retain your top talent and invest in their career development
  • Support your people to progress – in particular women
  • Help your people navigate their professional and personal journey
  • Strengthen the ability to deal with the politics that occur in every workplace
  • Create success around diversity and inclusion within the workplace
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Client Recommendations

The key learning for me about the Coaching Approach to Mentoring program was learning how to hold back on the advice and truly listen to someone. Annette presents in a fun and relatable way. She gets you out of your comfort zone to bring out your best. People who think they are good mentors naturally, will learn the skills to become even better, more focused and more considered. When we become aware of the little things, our engagement becomes really authentic.

Leanne Mitchell
Associate, Cox Architecture

What I like about working with Annette is that it is easy and she truly partners with you as the client to develop what good looks like. She is consistently open to feedback on how to make the program even better even though it is rated highly now.

Hayley Gilmour
Co-Chair, NAWIC Mentoring Program for Women

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