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A Chapter with the Author - Haesun Moon interviewed about Coaching A-Z

I am delighted to be interviewing Haesun [hey-sun] Moon about her book #CoachingAtoZ, The extraordinary use of ordinary words.

This is your chance to hear an interview with Haesun about her book, her favourite and most memorable chapters and her answers to your questions

As well as hearing the background to the book, we will also explore:

  1. What people are connecting with?
  2. What was Annette and Haesun’s favourite chapter?
  3. What was Haesun’s most memorable chapter when writing the book?
  4. If you read the book what was your favourite chapter, and with what did you connect?

You will also have the opportunity to ask Haesun some of your questions.

Date and time

Thu, 23 June 2022
22:00 – 23:30 BST


Online event