What is the difference between a boss and a coach?

leader as coach leadership Oct 06, 2023

Over the last few years expectations of leaders and managers has changed.

➡️ The biggest shift is in how we lead from being a boss to a coach.

People do not want leaders and managers to tell them what to do any more. The command control style of leadership does not cut it anymore.

People want to be asked for their input and want support to work out what they need to do.

They also want their leader or manager to show empathy so they can feel safe to be authentic and genuine about their whole life particularly when it may impact their work.

And lastly, they want to be developed so they can do their current role well and have the potential to progress.

Simply, they want their manager or leader to do less telling and more asking and genuinely care about them.

For many of you this is a new way of leading or managing and requires skill.
This is the skill of coaching and having ‘coach like’ conversations.

Are you being ‘coach like’ with your team?

If you would like to learn this skill, please see more about my Leadership Programs HERE

I would love to support you to learn how to be "coach like" and shifting from a boss to a coach so you can be the leader you wished you had!

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